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Studying at STM

STM is the first musical theater school in Italy to be recognized as an AFAM institution by the Ministry of University and Research, and is the only one to reside permanently in traditional and prestigious theaters.

The educational mission of STM focuses on student training: only a few students are admitted, year after year, to professional courses.

The strict incoming selection is a precise educational choice, to guarantee each student to be followed in the best possible way, something that with larger groups it would not be possible to do.

STM is the musical theater school with the richest educational offer plan approved by the Ministry of University and Research, with the highest number of teaching hours taught.

Students work, individually or in small groups, in close contact with the teachers who follow them very closely, to develop the potential of each one.

Students have at their disposal open, synergistic structures, with many spaces to study, spend time with classmates, live exciting and fun experiences inserted in a structured and complete training course, which requires strong commitment and strong motivation.

STM is based in student-friendly university cities integrated into a cultural and theatrical circuit of the highest quality.

In the historical site of Novara, the prestigious Fondazione Teatro Coccia produces operas, also in co-production with important international festivals. Students have the opportunity to participate as protagonists in the productions and initiatives of the Coccia Theater, thus acquiring important professional experiences from the moment they take their very first steps into the world of the profession.

The Milan office at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, the second largest stage in Europe, is at the center of an extremely lively university and cultural district that offers students opportunities inside and outside the life of the Academy.

The Verbania headquarters, in the evocative setting of the Il Maggiore theater which overlooks the lake, is the place where nature and architecture blend, stimulating creativity and inspiration.

Every year STM organizes trips abroad to attend the main shows on the bill in the capitals of contemporary musical theater: London and New York are the most popular destinations, but there is no shortage of opportunities to travel to other European cities, to get to know the most significant experiences. of the international theater scene.