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Studying at STM

STM is the first Italian musical theater school to be accredited by AFAM – MUIR (the Italian Ministry of University Education & Research), and we are the only one to be located inside renowned and traditional working.

STM’s mission places students at the center of its training programs. Only a few students are admitted each year to our professional courses. Small classes are of the essence for the most rewarding experience.

Acceptance to the academic program is selective as this will enable each individual student to develop wholesomely into an actor while being guided closely by faculty experts and working professionals.

STM has the richest syllabus of those approved by MUIR, along with the greatest amount of teaching hours per year.

Faculty members work very closely with the students on both an individual and small group basis to develop the potential of each student performer.

Services for students with SLD

Students are provided with open, common and collaborative facilities with plenty of study space. Here you can spend time with classmates, enjoying exhilarating and fun learning and life experiences in a structured environment that asks for determination, motivation and a strong commitment to succeed.

STM is based in student-friendly university college towns and is integrated into a cultural and theatrical circuit of the highest quality.

At its historic headquarters in Novara, the prestigious Fondazione Teatro Carlo Coccia produces operas, including co-productions with major international festivals. Students are given the opportunity to play a live part in Coccia Theater’s productions and initiatives. We offer you incomparable, priceless experience in the profession from the moment you take that very first step into the world of theater.

STM’s location in Milan is at no other than the internationally famous Teatro degli Arcimboldi which is also Italy’s largest stage. The geographic area is the hub of an extremely vibrant university and cultural district that offers opportunities both inside and outside the academic realm.

The Prato office, at the Politeama Pratese Theater, is the nursery for young talents who want to pursue the professional path.

The Verbania office, in the picturesque setting of the Il Maggiore theater overlooking the lake, is the place where nature and architecture come together, stimulating creativity and inspiration.

Every year STM organizes trips abroad to attend major performances in the capitals of contemporary musical theater: London and New York are the most popular destinations, but there is no shortage of opportunities to travel to other European cities to learn about the most significant experiences of the international theater scene.

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