The Three-Year Course for Actors of Musical Theater earns a Level I Academic Diploma in Acting, recognized by the Ministry of University and Research through Ministerial Decree No. 421 of 30/07/2020, which grants a title equivalent to any three-year University Degree valid in nationally and in all European countries.

The course trains professional actors to perform in all facets of musical theater.


Enrolling in the Three-Year Course for Actors of Musical Theater means first and foremost enjoying the benefits that such a path offers:

  • Earning a Level I Academic Diploma recognized at the state level and equivalent to the three-year degree of any other university and faculty;
  • Acknowledgement of the Academic Diploma as a recognized qualification for participation in any public contest;
  • Tax deductible course fees;
  • Tax deductible rent for students coming from outside Novara (over 100km);
  • Possibility to participate in scholarship grants provided by the Piedmont Region and the Ministry of University and Research.


Classes for the academic year run from October to June. Lessons, exercises and stage rehearsals of the three-year program occupy the entire day for five days a week.

The subjects and teachings are organized into ten disciplinary areas: acting, voice and linguistic practices, movement and speech, dramaturgy and scriptwriting, music historical, methodological and critical studies, scenic design and production, theatrical pedagogy, economics and organization of performance, directing.

During the three years of study, student actors have the opportunity to participate in activities in collaboration with leading Italian festivals and theaters.

Each year students will be able to participate in an educational trip that the school will organize to London and/or New York to see the most important theatrical productions on stage.

Course Code: DADPL 02
Title awarded: Level I Academic Diploma in Acting
Authorization: Ministry of University and Research with Ministerial Decree no. 421 of 30/07/2020
Course Level: First Level (AFAM)
Training credits: 180
Duration: 3 years
Entry requirements: High School Diploma. The course is open to Italian and non-Italian citizens in possession of a regular residence permit
Admission requirements: Entrance exam
Restricted access: Yes
Attendance: Mandatory minimum of 80% for each individual course


You can book a personalized Open Day to visit our locations and meet with our head of education by calling 02.80898907 and then selecting 1.


The candidate must choose and recite from memory a monologue of any published author.

The candidate should perform two pieces from the repertoire of Italian or foreign musical theater lasting up to two minutes each. It is necessary to bring the base on a USB flash drive.

On-site choreography will be taught. For those who have not already gone through the study of dance, the rehearsal will focus on simple choreographic movements designed to assess coordination and aptitude for movement. Appropriate clothing for the rehearsal is required.

The previous three rehearsals will be followed by a cognitive interview to check motivation and aptitude.

The judgment of the admission committee is final and cannot be appealed.
Candidates may request to take the admission tests electronically by responding to the email they will receive from the Secretariat after registration.


The admission application form must be completed by July 18, 2024.


To register for admission, fill out the form. If you have any doubts or want to know more, visit the faq section.

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