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Scuola del Teatro Musicale (STM) is the Performing Arts Center® in Italy. We train actors, directors, musical theater professionals, organizers and promote theater culture. STM was opened in 2013, in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Carlo Coccia and Compagnia della Rancia. Since 2020 it is an AFAM accredited institution by the Italian Ministry of University Education & Research with Ministerial Decree No. 421 of 30/07/2020.


STM accompanies its students on a personalized educational path, providing them with the skills necessary to be protagonists in national and international theatrical productions by enhancing and developing each ones artistic personality and aptitudes.

STM offers a well-rounded education, which continues to evolve and respond to the many facets of professional musical theater. We provide our students with the cultural stimuli necessary for their artistic and occupational maturation.

STM, alongside the academic program, connects its students with artists, producers, directors, agents, specialists and creatives in the professional theater. This occurs on a daily basis and this relationship building with professionals in the trade, is an effective career path to the world of work.

As a production company, STM also offers its students learning through direct backstage experience which can become real job opportunities.


In 2015, STM also became a theater production company, debuting with the Pulitzer Prize winning Next to Normal. One of the most revolutionary shows on the international musical theater scene and winner of 3 Tony Awards. Since 2017, STM has exclusively staged the Italian versions of Green Day’s American Idiot and Tick, tick… BOOM! , the prose performances The Fleeting Moment , The Small Town e Completely Sold Out , and co-produced with Fondazione Teatro Coccia the operas The Marriage of Figaro , Ami and Tami .


STM implements programs and projects of inclusion with attention to situations of social disadvantage and aimed at helping children with disabilities or in situations of particular family or economic hardship.

STM collaborates with educational institutions to develop democratic socialization beginning with self-awareness, appreciation of the self and of one’s own knowledge and emotions and to proceed to share them in an open, safe and equal relational experience.

STM actively collaborates with Dynamo Camp and is supported by the STH (Struttura Territoriale Handicap) Centers in Galliate and Trecate, the Santa Lucia Juvenile Community in Novara and the Elios Social Cooperative.