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Organs and transparency

Cooperative organs

(updated data as of 01/31/2021)

Board of Directors

Davide Ienco, Chairman – Curriculum Vitae and compensation
Andrea Ascari, Director – Curriculum Vitae and compensation
Marco Iacomelli, Councilor – Curriculum Vitae and compensation


Marco Iacomelli – Curriculum Vitae and compensation

Institution organs

(updated data as of 11/25/2021)

Board of Directors

Davide Ienco, Chairman
Andrea Ascari, Councilor
Marco Iacomelli, Councilor


Marco Iacomelli

Academic Council

Andrea Ascari, Lecturer
Elena Ferrari, Lecturer
Francesco Marchesi, Lecturer
Charles Susa, Lecturer
Astrid Galetto, Student
Sofia Megar, Student

Student Council

Francesco Califano
Astrid Galetto
Matteo Giambiasi
Sofia Megar
Letizia Panagini


Studio AAP & Partners Srl – Dr. Marco Alleva

Evaluation core

Roberto Tagliani, Chairman
Marco Caletti, Component
Carlo Susa, Component

Scuola del Teatro Musicale makes use of the following consultants:
  • Studio AAP & Partners Srl – Gross annual compensation 2020 | € 6,967.88
  • Elle Studio S.r.l. – Gross annual compensation 2020 | € 1,700.00
  • Safepick by Denise Quattrocchi – Gross annual compensation 2020 | € 1,200.00
Scuola del Teatro Musicale benefits from grants from the following public institutions:

(updated data as of 01/31/2021)

List of amounts received in 2020 from Public Institutions under Law 124/2017 then amended by d.l. 34/2019 converted into Law No. 58/2019 58/2019

10.000,00 €28/07/20MIBACTEmergency live performance fund contribution – (D.M. 23aprile 2020) – cap. 6659 – YEAR 2020. D.D. no.1109 of June 30, 2020.

President’s decrees::
Social budget: