Three-Year Actors Course Becomes Level I Academic Diploma

Scuola del Teatro Musicale is the first to have been recognized as an AFAM institution by the Ministry of University and Research with Ministerial Decree No. 421 dated 07/30/2020.

The Ministry of University and Research granted the request for accreditation as a center of Higher Education in Art and Music, recognizing the validity of the Diploma of the Three-Year Course for Musical Theater Actors as a Level I Academic Diploma.

Artistic Director, Marco Iacomelli, proudly states, Thanks to the full approval of our institute and our educational system, already our graduates this year will obtaina degree that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

From now on. those who study with us will be able to obtain a Level I Academic Diploma in Acting recognized by the Ministry of University and Research.

This is a fundamental step that above all recognizes the quality and seriousness of our teaching and gives our students the certainty of obtaining the famous “piece of paper” that is crucial for their future and for the peace of mind of their families.

It has been only seven years since the Scuola del Teatro Musicale began its activities as a center for training and production that had, and still has, no equal in the country.

In just seven years, STM has professionally produced three musicals (Next to Normal, Green Day’s American Idiot, Oklahoma!), a drama performance (DEad Poet Society), co-produced three operas (Le Nozze di Figaro, Ami and Tami, Tosca), and their own students created a video tribute to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody that has exceeded ten million views worldwide.

STM has also published four records and two fundamental manuals for theater education, weaving in its path collaborations with training centers around the world and increasing year after year the esteem and consideration from national and international partners.

At the core of STM’s mission, there are and always have been the centrality of the student and the quality of training and teaching.

Iacomelli continues: This is a historic moment for Italian musical theater.

We have graduated actors, directors and music directors. In just seven years, Scuola del Teatro Musicale has trained and graduated 48 student actors, and 88 percent of them have found immediate employment in the job market.

From today, nothing will be the same as before. Now you will be able to graduate. There is now a real Academy in Italy with a Three-Year Course for Musical Theater Actors recognized in its own right by the Ministry of University and Research.

Let’s build tomorrow’s Musical Theater together. Build it with us.

Enrolling in the Three-Year Course for Musical Theater Actors means enjoying the benefits that such a course entails:

  • Attainment of a Level I Academic Diploma recognized at the state level and equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from any other university and faculty
  • Evaluation of the Academic Diploma among the qualifications recognized for participation in any public competition
  • Tax deductions on course fees
  • Rent tax deductions for students coming from outside Novara (over 100km)
  • Ability to participate in calls for possible scholarships provided by the Piedmont Region and the Ministry of University and Research