For the academic year 2021/2022, a selection and comparative procedure based on qualifications is announced at Scuola del Teatro Musicale for the identification of experts for the purpose of the possible award of collaborative teaching contracts in the following disciplines:

– ADRM 017 (Singing) Singing
– ADRR 020 (Director) Composition of the stage action.
– ADRPL 015 (Diction) Diction.
– ADRPRS 028 (Costuming) Elements of costume design for the theater.
– ADRPL 014 (Phonetics) Technical Reading Exercises.
– ADRPT 042 (Theatre practitioner training) Theatre practitioner training.
– ADRPRS 023 (Scenography and Scenotechnics) Mask design and fabrication.
– ADRA 001 (Acting) Acting
– ADRFV 007 (Mime and Mask) Acting, Comedy Art, Mask
– ADRPRS 027 (Makeup) Makeup.

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: The candidate must submit qualifications documenting teaching, artistic and professional activities and experience related to the subject(s) in which they are applying for listing. Specific and non-specific degrees and teaching qualifications related to the teaching of the discipline(s) will be considered. Artistic-discography activity will be considered primarily under the aspect of productions under one’s own name.

Applicants of foreign nationality must demonstrate adequate knowledge of the Italian language.
The administration ensures equality and equal opportunity between men and women for access and treatment.

To apply, you must download the announcement and follow the procedure described therein.

The application should be submitted by completing the Curriculum Vitae exclusively using the attached template, signing it with a handwritten signature and sending it to by June 10, 2021.