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Ami and Tami

OPERA by Mátti Kovler.

Music by Mátti Kovler.
Stage version by Matthew Kelly.
Directed by Marco Iacomelli.
Musical direction by Marco Alibrando.
Associate direction by Costanza Filaroni and Massimiliano Perticari.
Italian lyrics and vocal direction by Andrea Ascari.
Choreography by Ilaria Suss.
Costume design by Francesca Sartorio and Flavia Ruggeri.
Lighting design by Ivan Pastrovicchio.
Sound design by Donato Pepe.
Dèdalo Ensemble Orchestra.

Performers and characters

Enea Lorenzoni Ami
Marta Noah Tami
Giulia Diomede Mom/Witch
Stefano Colli Dad / Orc
Leonardo Pesucci Imf
Silvana Isolani Nonna

Coccia Theater Children’s Voice Choir.
Choirmasters Paolo Beretta and Alberto Veggiotti.

Graduates and Student Actors and Directors of STM – School of Musical Theater.

Co-production Fondazione Teatro Carlo Coccia in Novara with STM – School of Musical Theater.


The main characters, two teenage siblings, Ami and Tami, are the victims of two hyperactive and rational parents who educate them so that they quickly become self-sufficient and ready to be placed in the “global market.”

Everything changes when their grandmother, suffering the first signs of cognitive decline, moves into their home and, defying her parents, leads the children to a magical fairy tale land where words dance and play in the woods. Soon that fantasy land overlaps the children’s lives and becomes reality for them: the two parents transform into an ogre and a witch, intent on ridding the world of magic and imagination and bringing the children face to face with the end of childhood. But even the most evil creatures were once children–and so, by helping adults reconnect with their lost childhoods, Ami and Tami break free from their captivity and save the magical world from destruction and transform it into a better world.