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Produced by STM – Scuola del Teatro Musicale in collaboration with CPM Music Institute and SAE Institute, the CD is a selection of the tracks that accompany the touching story of the young Bohemians, in the new translation by Andrea Ascari.

The CD, which contains a booklet with lyrics, is on sale at the STM – Scuola del Teatro Musicale office.


Laura Attaccalite Mimi Marquez
Giacomo Ballarè Angel Schunard
Angelo Barone Mark Cohen
Susan Bonotti Joanne Jefferson
Fabio Crivellari Gordon, Man, Shepherd, Homeless.
Giulia De Angelis Alexi Darling, Mother of Roger, Ali
Simone Dentella Benjamin Coffin III
Joy Ant Mother of Mimi, Pam, Homelessness
Davide Gasparrini Roger Davis
Alessia Genua Maureen Johnson
Laura Grosso Woman with Bags
Mirco Guarino Steve, Homelessness
Elisa Mattioli Mrs. Jefferson, Homelessness
Matthew Napoletano Paul, Mr. Jefferson, Window Washer, Mr. Grey.
Alessio Ruzzante Waiter, Homelessness
David Torlai Tom Collins
Alessandra Volpe Mother of Mark, Sue

Andrea Ascari Additional voices


Andrea Ascari Vocal Direction
Riccardo Di Paola Music direction, piano, keyboards
Federica Pellegrinelli Electric and acoustic guitars
Filippo Tosto Bass
Marco Parenti Drums
Marco Iacomelli Electric guitar in “Contact” and percussion in “For Today to You”


Produced by STM – School of Musical Theatre
In collaboration with CPM Music Institute and SAE Institute.
Record production by Donato Pepe.
Executive production by Davide Ienco.

Music, libretto and lyrics by Jonathan Larson.
Italian libretto and lyrics by Andrea Ascari.

Recorded by Donato Pepe at the SAE Institute, Milan.
Electric guitars and drums recorded by Donato Pepe at Crono Sound Factory, Milan.
Mixed by Donato Pepe at the Douglas Apartments, Harlem (New York).
Mastered by Donato Pepe.

Supervision of guitar and bass recordings Francesco Marchesi.
Supervision of drum recordings Angelo Racz.
Assistant vocal director Elisa Mattioli.

Artistic supervision Marco Iacomelli.

Thanks to Simone Manfredini for cooperation.