Handbook for Musical Theatre Directors
By Joe Deer.
Italian edition edited by Marco Iacomelli.

Directing the Musical is a comprehensive manual, written by the author of Acting the Musical, that provides aspiring directors with all the skills needed to direct a show from start to finish. Starting from conceptualization and collaboration with creatives and cast, through artistic and technical rehearsals, Joe Deer guides you to the final performance.

Deer’s practical, accessible and compelling approach uses proven methods applicable to every aspect of a theater production. The focus is always on teamwork, gathering insights from experienced successful directors to address common problems and identify solutions. Each section uses the same structure to stimulate creative thinking:

  • Schedules: detailed instructions on what to do and when to do it, to draw up a flexible work plan.
  • Stimuli and research: conceptual questions that resolve issues of style, characterization, and design.
  • Workshop: exercises and guides for acquiring the necessary skills.
  • Forms and diagrams: including those for staging notation, script notation, and rehearsal management.
  • Case studies: productions of famous plays that exemplify how to apply the concepts in each chapter.

Dirigere il musical gives you the fundamental skills and explains how and when to apply them, teaching you how to think as a director.

Joe Deer is director and Distinguished Professor of the Musical Theatre department at Wright State University, as well as an accomplished director, choreographer, actor, dancer, stage manager and artistic director. He is an award-winning director and choreographer of Off-Broadway productions, regional theater, summer shows and university internships. He has been involved in musical theater training for nearly 30 years, teaching at Steps Studio in New York City, Dance Theatre of Harlem, The American Dance Machine and many regional centers. He is the author of theater publications, including articles in Teaching Theatre Journal and The Voice and Speech Review.

ISBN 978-88-31996-04-4 (paperback)
ISBN 978-88-31996-05-1 (ebook)