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tick, tick… BOOM!

MUSICAL by Jonathan Larson.

Book, Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Larson.
Book advisory by David Auburn.
Vocal arrangements and orchestrations by Stephen Oremus.
Italian libretto and lyrics by Andrea Ascari.
Added orchestrations by Simone Manfredini.

Directed by Massimiliano Perticari and Marco Iacomelli.
Musical supervision by Simone Manfredini.
Musical direction by Walter Calafiore.
Vocal direction by Andrea Ascari.
Choreography by Daniela Gorella and Ilaria Suss.
Costume design by Maria Carla Ricotti.
Scene design by Gabriele Moreschi.
Lighting design by Valerio Tiberi.
Sound design by Donato Pepe.

Executive production by Davide Ienco.

Performers and characters

Nicolò Bertonelli Jon
Matteo Volpotti Michael
Federica Maria Stomati Susan
Elena Sisti Karessa
Alessia Genua Rosa
Matthew Giambiasi Dad
Jacopo Spunton Clerk

Co-production STM – Scuola del Teatro Musicale and Fondazione Teatro Carlo Coccia.
In collaboration with Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi, CPM Music Institute, Hdemia di Belle Arti SantaGiulia, SAE Institute.

With the collaboration of Show Bees.
With the support of Fondazione CRT.
Technical partner CASIO Music (

tick, tick… BOOM! was originally produced off-Broadway in June, 2001 by Victoria Leacock, Robyn Goodman, Dede Harris, Lorie Cowen Levy, Beth Smith.

Presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International.

TOUR 2022/23


September 24 and 25 | NOVARA @ Teatro Coccia


October 18 | TRIESTE @ Teatro il Rossetti


November 2-6 | MILAN @ Teatro Franco Parenti
Nov. 13 | NICHELINO (TO) @ Teatro Superga


December 1 | BEVAGNA (PG) @ Teatro Torti
December 3 | BERGAMO @ Teatro Creberg
Dec. 16 | BRESCIA @ Gran Teatro Morato

Calendar being updated


Jon is about to turn 30 and is desperately trying to find a producer for his musical Superbia. Realizing he is no longer very young, Jon struggles to tolerate the years of repeated professional failures and realizes he does not want to go on living as a penniless artist. His fiancée Susan does not openly discourage him, but she wants something more from life and would like to have a family with Jon, but he cannot afford it. Jon’s frustration worsens when Michael, his longtime friend, abandons dreams of breaking through as an actor to pursue a more traditional and lucrative line of work. Jon prepares a Superbia workshop in front of numerous composers and producers, who greatly appreciate his work; however, none of them decide to invest in the show, and his dreams remain frustrated. Despite moments of discouragement, Jon makes peace with Susan after an argument, and the two decide to continue writing to each other. He also reconnects with Michael after discovering that his friend has tested positive for HIV. On the morning of his 30th birthday, he received a message from his idol Stephen Sondheim who had seen the workshop of Superbia and would like to talk to him about the future of the musical. Jon then realizes that he is loved and appreciated by his friends and colleagues and prepares to celebrate his birthday.


Bringing tick, tick… BOOM! to the stage means presenting for the first time in Italy the show by U.S. composer and playwright Jonathan Larson, one of the most innovative contemporary authors of musicals. Larson, who speaks in the first person in this autobiography, died at age 35, the day before the debut of his play RENT, for which he would win the Pulitzer Prize. Artistic expression, foresight, and the Musical Theater’s inclusive vision enabled the prematurely deceased composer to win three Tony Awards, a Pulitzer, and the stigma that prevented the musical from bringing attention to social issues such as multiculturalism, drug addiction, and homotranssphobia. Addressing the same issues in Italy today with sensitivity and with the knowledge that we are doing so through a genre that continues to be associated exclusively with levity and entertainment is part of STM’s mission.