Come visit our headquarters in Milan and Novara

On Monday, December 13 and Tuesday, December 14, we will open the doors of our venues at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan and the Teatro Coccia in Novara for those who dream of studying at the Three-Year Course for Actors in Musical Theater..

You will be taken to the spaces that house our teaching and learn about all the student services offered by the School.

To participate, it is necessary to make a reservation by calling 02.80898907 and then selecting button 1.


The visit will be conducted in small groups in compliance with current anti-COVID regulations.
A maximum of two chaperones are allowed for each prospective visiting student.

The Three-Year Course for Musical Theater Actors for the attainment of the Level I Academic Diploma in Acting, recognized by the Ministry of University and Research under Ministerial Decree no. 421 of 30/07/2020, grants a degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, valid in the country and in all European countries.

The course trains professional actors capable of expressing themselves in the different specificities of musical theater.


First and foremost, enrollment in the Three-Year Course for Musical Theater Actors means enjoying the benefits that such a course entails:

  • Attainment of a Level I Academic Diploma recognized at the state level and equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from any other university and faculty;
  • Evaluation of the Academic Diploma among the qualifications recognized for participation in any public competition;
  • Tax deductions on course fees;
  • Rent tax deductions for students coming from outside Novara (over 100km);
  • Opportunity to participate in calls for possible scholarships provided by the Piedmont Region and the Ministry of University and Research.

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